Difficulty Receiving Email in a Timely Fashion

Hi, I recently installed eM Client on my PC and everything works fine, except for one item. When I have been sent email, it often takes anywhere up to a few hours to receive, even when it has already shown up online on Spectrum (my server site). When I refresh my Em Client, the email doesn’t download; however, when I close Em and then reopen it, the mail appears. Is there some setting I haven’t made. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My understanding is that Charter/Spectrum has a non-standard IMAP setup that causes issues with eM Client (and presumably other IMAP clients as well).  See this link for a more detailed explanation:


Thanks Jay! I think you’ve found the root of my problem. Perhaps Spectrum may have different settings that would correct the situation. I’ll have to get on the phone with Spectrum. I’m sure the conversation couldn’t last for more than a few hours.