Difficulty adding a second email account

I’m trying to add an AT&T email account in addition to my existing Gmail account in eM Client. I enter the new email address and password (both correct) and the automatic search starts. After a few seconds I get a message saying that the server was found but authentication failed. It says I may need an ‘app-specific password.’ When I click the link to see what this means, it leads to a dead page on the eM Client site.

Is there no way I can set up the account manually? Do I have to use the automatic set-up? And what’s with the ‘app-specific password’ thing? I’m beginning to despair of this whole experience!

Yes you can add manually. I don’t remember exactly how, but its there if you look carefully. Many systems are now adding app-specific passwords or authentication. In other words, if you access with Thunderbird or emclient or xxx you need to tell the host that you are using that app and perhaps get a specific password for that app. Sometimes you need to just authenticate that app from the account settings at the host, in your case AT&T. Because people generally are incapable of using good passwords, all sorts of hoops like 2fa are getting imposed on us.

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Thank you for the info - you’ve snatched hope from the jaws of despair! I’ll take a look at adding the account manually.