Different notification if closed or minimized to tray

With the background that the application starts slow, I would like to keep it running in the background.

But I make a difference between

  • I closed it
  • I minimized it

It would be good to have different notification rules if I closed it (to tray) or just minimized it to tray.

For me it means: If i closed it to tray, I dont want to get notified if mails arrived. Alternativelly, make that it starts in 1 second (like thunderbird).

miércoles 22 febrero 2023 :: 2021hrs (UTC +0100)

Why do you say this, what is slow? Maybe it is your system that is slow.

That is the situation, if eMC is closed to the task bar you will not get notification - if closed to the system tray you will get notification.
Perhaps I do not fully understand what you mean.


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Closed to Taskbar is terminating the app. A start takes 6 seconds. OK, I compare it to thunderbird. That takes 1 second to start.

So I thought running in background for a quick start is great. But if I close it (to tray), I also don’t want notifications. Minimize to tray is more the intend to wait for mails with notifications.