Different font sizes eM Client GMail

Hey everybody,

I got the following problem with the eM-Client. After sending a normal email, the email in the ‘sent’-folder looks totally normal, but when I have a look in the same email in gmail, it looks different. For example, some words are written in a larger font size. I could’nt find any reason for that. It seems to be totally arbirtrary which words are written in larger font size…

Does anyone know this problem?


A number of people (including me) have reported the same problem with font sizes. It’s intermittent and I haven’t been able to pin down when it occurs (or why).

Hi Mike, thank you!

An old post of mine seems related:


I didn’t realize that the unwanted font size changes have been seen in mail received by eM Client. I’ve seen them (so far) only in mail that the client has sent.

One suggestion has been: send in plain text. But that defeats the purpose of being able to format text.

I used to see the font-size problem years ago with Microsoft Outlook. In that case all of the mail in question was going to, and being received from, the same set of Exchange servers. It was simply a bug in Outlook. Eventually Microsoft fixed it.

This happens to me also and i think i know why. for some reason, when i write something, then copy and paste that line to somewhere else in the email, the font size changes but you CAN"T see it in eM client BUT it does show up different in gmail AND to whoever receives it. This is annoying as I use this for work and its unprofessional with different font sizes.