Hello, I would like to use different color (text/background) for unread messages in theme. 
Is there an option? I did not find that. 
Now it is very difficult to distinguish between read/unread message within just a big dot & bold font only. 

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I second that motion :slight_smile:  Is there a theme available that would do that?  And also is there a theme that would incorporate the senders Avatars in the message list?  That would also help.

Unfortunately the avatars only appear in the reading pane.  There is no option to include them in the message list.

so eM developer would have to implement that I’m guessing…

Yep.  You can submit this under a separate string as an “idea” and let users vote on it.

I would LOVE the ability to have unread messages show up with a different color. I use the dark theme and it is hard to distinguish between read and unread messages at a glance.