Different Calendar views/filters

Having come from MS Outlook I am finding a few things that I am missing. In the Calendar I used different views to allow me to see different events according to their category setting. Changing a category would effectively move it to another list.

I found this worked really well for keeping track of calendar based tasks without resorting to using the task list as well. Everything was managed in one place.

I also note that the event doesn’t store more than one category, although the edit window appears to let you choose more than one.

Assuming that an event can store more than one category could we have a a facility in eM Client to create different views/filters similar to Outlook? This could be a deal breaker for me even although I have purchased a licence.


there will be filtering by category (and also shared items) in To-do list in the version 3.1 (called Agenda there).
Meanwhile you will have to create separate events search folders to manage categories of events.