difference emclient v6 vs. v7

with version 6, when sending an email from an external program, the mail remained open to be able to modify it and be able to attach more things or change the text.
With version 7, the email is sent directly, opened and closed and sent directly, unless the option is changed so that it stays in the outbox and is not sent automatically.
Is there any option for version 7 to work as version 6 does?
cannot continue with version 6 because I miss the message from GMAIL, that I have no JAVA active, so it does not let me work well.
Thank you

con la version 6, al enviar un email desde un programa externo, el correo se quedaba abierto para poder modificarlo y poder adjuntar mas cosas o cambiar el texto.
con la version 7, el email se envia directamente, se abre y se cierra y se envia directamente, salvo que se cambie la opcion para que se quede en la bandeja de salida y no se envie automaticamente.
Hay alguna opcion para que en la version 7, funcione como lo hace la version 6?
no puede seguir con la version 6 pues me salta el mensaje de GMAIL, de que no tengo activo JAVA, por lo que no me deja funcionar bien.

Yes, in eM Client when you are writing a message and then close it before sending, you will be asked if you want to save it to the Drafts folder.  You can then open it later and continue editing it before you send.

If it is saved to the Drafts folder in your IMAP account - so your Gmail folders - you will be able to open it using another email client that is connection to the same email account. So you can begin writing it in eM Client, then finish it later on your phone.

Hello, I do not mean to create an email and leave it as a draft, but, from an external program, send for example an invoice.
When I send it, in version 6, the mail is generated and remains open to modify it.
But in version 7, it is sent directly without giving me the option to modify it.

Hola, no me refiero a crear un mail y dejarlo en borrador, sino, desde un programa externo, enviar por ejemplo una factura.
Cuando le doy a enviar, en la version 6, se genera el mail y se queda abierto para modificarlo.
Pero en la version 7, se envia directamente sin darme la opcion de modificarlo.

I have been trying to reproduce this Cesar, but unfortunately I can’t. Every time I get a new mail popup.

Some databases that I use have the option to send messages directly using SMTP and that does not use the mail client at all. Is your invoice application maybe doing that?

A way you can test that is to turn eM Client off-line by going to Menu > File > Work Offline. You will also need to enable the Smart Folder Outbox by right-click on Smart Folders and choose Display > Outbox.

Go to your invoice application and send an invoice, then go back to eM Client and see if the message is in the Smart Folder Outbox. If it is not there, then the message is not being sent through eM Client.

Remember to turn eM Client back online.