Did Mark-Read toggle button disappear in v9?

In v8 one could easily flag or unflag mails in the list-view as well as toggle the read-state with a click on the “read-state indicator-dot”. Very convenient, thumbs up.

In v9 the read-state indicator-dot transforms into the flag toggle-button when hovering the mouse over it. While glancing at a mail to assess whether to read in-depth or postpone to later, mails are often mark as read and I’d like to “unread” them. Now I have to right-click, find the unread item in 20 menu-items (far away from my current mouse-location) and click it, and move the mouse back to the next item. Quite annoying. Even the read-state indicator-dot in the reading-pane has no active purpose (i.e. only indicates passively, but can’t toggle).

Is there a setting in the options somewhere to allow read-state shortcuts or change behavior of the UI-elements in this regard? I’ve been looking all over the place without success, what am I missing? It seems there have been several feature-requests in the forum emphasizing the utility of this, similar, or related functionality over the years (2011, 2014, 2017, etc.)… for now I still refuse to believe it could have been removed.

If you remove the Flag from “Show these columns:” (from View → Columns…), the clickable read status reappears. (Not an optimal solution, though.) :thinking:

Did Mark-Read toggle button dissapear in V9

To enable the small round read icon and (still have the Avatar and flag icon), in the latest official V9 official release, go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Read” and enable the option - “Always show Read & Flagged icon on mouse hover”.

Then when you hover your mouse above the flag you will again see the small round “read icon” to click to make messages read or unread. Examples below once enabled in V9.

Round read hover icon to click in “Messages in the right”


Round read hover icon to click in “Messages underneath”


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Wow. The setting isn’t even hidden or in an unexpected category. I just didn’t see it. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face: