Dictionary download error

Dear developers

I reinstalled the program, but since then it is not possible to download the language dictionary (HU) for spell checking.
Gives the attached error message

Please help solve this problem.


Patricia Bona

Hi Patricia

Can you check that you are using the latest version available in the Release History.

yes, i use the latest
8.0.3385 (83a873c)

I am using a later internal build, but I can now also confirm the same error.

@skybat and I were just having a discussion about Internet problems we are both having today. Maybe there are some issues with the Internet in Europe.

I suggest you wait a while and try again. If it does not work, and you have a Pro License, you could open a support ticket directly with eM Client.

Thank you for your help.
Then I’m not so nervous.
Have a nice day! :smiley:

Yes I too are getting the same error in V8.0.3385 Windows

Same for me 8.0.3385 (83a873c)

@Gary, there is no possibility “that there are some issues with Internet” in whole Europe.
You may do not know but Europe (which UK belongs to) is slightly bigger then USA, with 746 000 000 citizens (twice USA) and 46 countries.

I would ask eM team to check if dictionary server is up and running.

Well, I didn’t say the whole of Europe, I said in Europe, because @skybat, @bonapatricia and I are all in Europe. But it could happen. We had one a few years back (maybe 2016 or 2017) when a transatlantic cable failed. I remember that day because most of Europe had major internet issues, so the possibility is always there.

Please do, and let us know what they say. I would open a support ticket myself, but I am trying to avoid opening tickets for issues that don’t really affect me.

Hi everyone,
we apologize for the inconvenience, the update of security certificates on selected URLs (dictionary service being one of them) failed and we needed to re-upload them. The issue should be resolved now.

If you find any parts of the program or URL on our website with this issue, please report it to info@emclient.com and we will fix it asap.