Dictionaries Download Issue

Whenever I try to download a dictionary in 7 (26653) I get the following error:
Error occured when downloading dictionaries: The system cannot file the path specified.

This worked fine in the first couple of RCs, but in a couple of them the client would load up and not show the content of any email message so I was just renaming the storage folder and effectively was starting everything from scratch. I think this has in effect mess up the dictionary downloads completely. Is there a fix? Or where can I set the temp/dictionary download path so this can be fixed, I really dont want to setup everything from scratch.

Thanks in advance.

Ok found the solution. 
Closed the client completely.
Made a copy of my current mailbox folder (emclientnew) with the default name (eM Client).
Restarted the client and changed the path in Storage and Logs to that.
Restarted eM Client and everything works fine.

I am leaving this here for others that may experience the same issue.  I should have thought of it before opening this thread…