Dialogue invisible after removing display from configuration in Windows 10

I am regularly using my laptop with two external screens. When I move the computer away from my desk, I generally keep all programs running, including eM Client. All open windows and dialogues are automatically moved to the laptop’s internal screen.

When I am on the internal display only and open the “select folder dialogue” e.g. by right-clicking on “Move to folder” in the context menu of an e-mail or a contact the dialogue seems to be displayed on one of the not-visible screens, probably the one last used by eM Client before disconnecting. As the dialogue is not a separate program window, I cannot move it to a visible area. As it is not visible, It is hard to close it with the keyboard. As long as it is open, I cannot use other functions of eM Client including shutting down the software - so I am stuck until I reconnect the external screens.

Can a check be added if the screen the dialogue is shown on is currently connected, and if not, reset to the position from the previously remembered one?

Change your display resolution to a lower resolution. Start eM Client and try reproduce the issue.

Close eM Client, return the resolution to what it was before and restart eM Client.