Dialogue boxes for print and new calandar events not visible

Hi there,

For the last couple of weeks, whenever I try to print from eM Client, the print dialogue shows as being active when you hover over the Windows Taskbar (as in, it looks like it is there as another eM Client window), but when you click on it nothing happens. When you try to use Alt + Tab, you can highlight it, but again it doesn’t appear. The other, main eM Client window is there, but nothing can be clicked on. It appears to think that the print dialogue box is over the top of the main window and therefore nothing can be clicked in the main window. (I can close the print dialogue box from the windows taskbar “x” option.)

Today, I’ve also got the same problem with the dialogue box for new calendar events. But, to be honest, this is the first time in quite a while that I’ve tried to enter an event through eM Client, rather than GCal.

Any ideas, thoughts, comments?


The window has opened, but is off screen. Hover your mouse over the taskbar icon until the empty thumbnail preview appears. Right-click in the preview and choose MOVE. Use your keyboard arrow keys to bring it back onto your screen.

Thanks, Gary. It was off screen, but weirdly I had to right arrow, left arrow, down arrow and then up arrow. Then, when I moved the mouse, the screen appeared attached to the cursor. Had to repeat this sequence for both the print dialogue and the calendar event dialogue.

But all sorted. Thank you.