development of eM Client is stopped!

I see, the last version of eM Client is from October 2016!!!

Now we have six month later with the same version!

Is the development of eM Client stopped?

There is a 7.1 beta, published March, 2nd this year. See:
It is not advertised  nor is it discussed in this forum. There are some hints on facebook, the last official comment dates from April, 10th, saying the only thing still missing is an Italian translation.

So there seems to be some development going on, albeit at a rather leisurely pace. Nothing new there either; V7 took more than a year between promise and delivery.

… by the way, the beta 7.1 works very well for me (Win 10 pro 64bit) with two gmail and one Outlook (exchange) accounts. The “Avatar downloading” feature is quite nice but I have not found the “and much more” feature as yet.
So, if these are all the forthcoming new features and if we could have a table of contents of the “and much more” feature they could publish it today. The German UI is still part Englisch (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, … Last Week, Later, Older) but that should be ok and could be corrected at a later time.
The only thing that disturbs me with V7.1 is this “and much more” feature.

How often do you think it has stopped? Do you have a Pro license? I have received updates but to be honest, I am hesitant in installing new updates because often times features of previous version don’t work the same. Nothing wrong with that maybe for new users but once you get used to something, it takes time to adjust.