Detecting languiage

I have a terrible problem - some mail messages in French are detecting as English. So I cant translate them… Is any possibility for forced translation for manual choice of language pair.

If the majority of the text in the message is in English, then you will not be offered a translation. Another issue may be if you are using a Free License, then the number of translations are limited.

There is no way to force a translation if it is not offered, nor to select a different source language.

bad news… thanks
I`m use emClient Pro, so I havent limits of the number of translation
I try to select another language as system and select to translation English too. And letter on French detected as English. Not all, of course, but several…

If you have any problems, you should open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to help you further.

ok, I`ll try
thank you