Detailed eM Client 10 change log

Is there a more detailed change log for eM Client 10 and the fixes applied since 9.X? I still have a few issues around calendering in 9.2 (eM auto sending responses to meetings in the past etc). I’ll pay to upgrade if I can be confident these issues have been fixed in 10.

I suspect others will be in the same situation…


We don’t publish a more detailed change log. Sorry.

eM Client doesn’t do that, never has. You need to manually click on accept/decline. But it is possible your server does that automatically. If it does, it makes no difference what email application you use, or if you don’t use an email application at all - the server will still auto respond.

Thanks, but it only happèns when i open em client on a second device (i have 2 licenses). It appears to re-send the acceptance email when the second client syncs