Desktop notifications for immediate events

So Google Calendar has this feature, that you can get a desktop notification 1-5 minutes before a meeting starts, even when the event itself doesnt have a reminder (and I dont have to go through every event and add a reminder). Damn useful when I’m deep in my current task and have lost track of time. Except that desktop notifications for Google Calendar never works for me. No worries, notifications in the Google Calendar app for Slack works perfectly! And it has the same feature. I’ve been using that one for years. But now my workplace is discontinuing the use of Slack, opting for Google Chat instead.

Is that a feature you could consider adding? That if the app is running, just sound a discreet notification a minute (with an option for more) before any events. Without me having to go through and update every single event I’m invited to? Maybe some options to limit what kind of events: No need to notify me of full-day events for example.

As an example, at the bottom of this page theres a screenshot of how the slack notification looks like (5 minutes until this event):