Deselection of a Search Property?

How do i untick a property that has been already checked in the search box. For example i cannot untick subjects,sender,recipient,body and attachments line. Thanks for your help!!

You can’t. It may be VERY VERY hard to see but there are lines in the drop down that separate groups of options. Within those groups the only way to untick a selection is to select another within the group (ie: only 1 selection can be made).

Perhaps some day the separation lines will be darker or another color… but it is what it is.

Anyone that has a connection with the developers ( :wink: :wink:) might want to encourage them to make a very simple fix…

You have to have one option selected, otherwise where is it going to search?

It is a toggle, so if you don’t want to use the subjects,sender,recipient,body and attachments option, select the one you do want to use.

I was referring to making the separation lines color more distinguishable.

Thanks for your info gary. Very helpful!!