delivery receipts not coming

I have delivery receipts and read receipts both checked in settings.  I have restarted em client.  I do not get any delivery receipts nor do my recipients get asked to send a read receipt.   can someone help me with this?

This can depend on the recipient’s settings in their mail client or their server. I personally never accept read receipts, so if you send me one it will always be ignored. :slight_smile:

I just did a test send from eM Client with a read receipt and it was successfully received and prompted in both Thunderbird and Outlook, and subsequently I received the confirmation emails in eM Client.

Delivery receipts are an obsolete feature, and mostly don’t work. But there is a very useful feature built into all mail servers: they will inform you if delivery was not possible. So just assume that all mail was delivered unless notified otherwise.

Well, if i send you and email, you will not get an option to send me a receipt.  I’ll be happy to prove that if you give me an email address… mine doesn’t seem to be working

Sure. My address is

sent one from each of my email addresses…  send read receipts is checked by default in settings and i verified that it was checked on each before sending. 

All three came through with a read receipt request.

that works!  Thank you.  I guess whomever doesn’t claim to get one either doesn’t see it or their servere doesn’t support

It also appeared correctly in Thunderbird.

It would be interesting to know what email client and server they are using.

maybe at some point they clicked “dont show again”

That is most likely. :slight_smile:

Hi, I can’t see the popup notif for “send read receipt” appear again if we have click don’t show it again in the past ? Thanks

You can change it back to the default in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Receipts.