Delivery Receipt NOT working

Delivery and Read Receipt NOT WORKING. From the looks of conversations, this has been a problem with eM Client for many years. WHY HASN’T THIS BEEN FIXED?

There is nothing to be fixed. Most email servers do not reply to delivery receipts. Better you contact the server admin for your destination address and ask them why their server does not send the receipt.

I think most do this to reduce Internet traffic. The rule is that all your messages have been delivered, unless you receive a message from your own email server to say that the specific message could not be delivered. That way instead of there being two messages for everyone sent, there is only one, except if the message can’t be delivered.

But if you have a problem with eM Client, as a Pro License user, you may get a better explanation or fix by opening a Support Ticket with eM Client. They usually respond the same day, except weekends.

I have the same problem with only emclient. V7 or V8. I have tested with Outlook and Foxmail, and i’ve received receipt correctly. It’s problem with EmClient from many years.

Sorry, can’t help you there. My server does not process delivery receipts so I can’t test it. I can request them when sending a message, the message receiver can acknowledge them, but the return is never processed on my server regardless of which email client I use.

I guess it is just obsolete technology that nobody really focuses on any more.