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sábado 07 agosto 2021 :: 2048hrs (UTC +01:00)

I also can send to myself from 4 different domain name accounts with no problem.

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Not at all… my own domain and IONOS as my host

thanks guys
I think the issue is just with hotmail/outlook/live email addresses…

Good old Microsoft…

Yes, if you send yourself an email using, they will reject the message. You will need to ask them why they do that.

Unfortunately i’m not tech savvy enough to ask. As the poster above mentioned, it works fine from Outlook on the web and from iphones etc so i think Microsoft will say its not their problem. Its just via other third party clients like EM Client or Thunderbird etc it appears.


If you will enter this in a google search, “Send yourself an email and it is rejected” you will see you are not alone. Perhaps there is something in the Microsoft community responses that will provide some hope and will give you an opportunity to post your experience.

Great thanks will try.

I’ve posted the question / problem on the Microsoft Community Forums to see what answers come back.

I received a response back from Microsoft community support thread. Seems like a problem with the “Microsoft Antispam rule”. Unknown as to how long this will take to fix at Microsoft end.

In the meantime, I’m just going to send email to my acct from my @gmail acct in EMC.

(Reply from Microsoft)
This error is due to Microsoft’s recent update in the Antispam rule. Since the Antispam rule doesn’t work correctly, it identified legitimate emails as spam. I suggest to try to access your account on web browser or mobile app and see if you can able to send emails.

Great. Thanks for checking this.

Last week (18th August) this problem disappeared from my eM Client and I am once again able to send an email form my ‘hotmail’ email address to my ‘hotmail’ email address without receiving the error message. I made no changes so it just self-corrected. I hope others have had the same result.

I have just tested again sending email from my acct to my acct via eM Client and now appears to be sending and receiving ok. So does sound like Microsoft has fixed the issue their end.

Yes, I can confirm they have now allowed sending yourself messages again.

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