Delivery and read receipts

I never get any response when sending an email with these options selected. Works perfectly in outlook but not in eM client, Whats up?

These options are superfluous and obsolete and shouldn’t have been included in any modern email client in the first place.

The delivery receipt is a function dependant on the recipient’s mail server. Some servers have dropped long ago this obsolete function. With the billions of emails being sent every day, additional delivery receipts just add unwanted traffic. Best practice nowadays is that unless you get a message from your server saying that your message was not or could not be delivered, then you can reasonably presume it has been delivered. There’s no need whatsoever for a separate/additional confirmation.

As for the to read receipt, it could simply has been ignored by the recipient. If you send me (or to anyone I know) a request for a read recept, you’ll simply never gonna get one. We simply ignore such a request and most email clients today offer the option to disable this function automatically. So the read receipt is only as good as the settings on the recipient’s application. There is no way to bypass it.

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