delivered & read receipts not working

I’m checking the delivered and read receipts for emails but I’m not receiving anything to confirm the emails have been delivered.  Can anyone help?

When you request a read receipt using any email client, it is only a request from the recipient to accept and send back a receipt. Most email clients will inform the user that the sender requested a receipt so the process is very much dependant on the recipient complying and send the receipt.

It does not normally happen automatically unless the recipient has set up their email client to automatically accept without prompting.

Do you know for certain that the recipient has sent a receipt you have not received?

Really sorry for the delay but had something urgent.  I’ve tested the read receipt and I know it’s up to the recipient to agree to acknowledge it but I’m not even getting the delivered receipt even though both are ticked/highlighted.  I can live without the read receipt but really would like the delivered receipt to work.

Just found out that the only account that provides a delivered receipt is my icloud account.  When i send from zoho, gmail, or btyahoo I don’t get a read receipt acknowledgement.  I’m not sure if this extra information helps?