deleting word added mistakenly to dictionary during spell check

I had the same problem, I have figured out a way to delete words.

In _C:\Users[yourname]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client_ you will find your custom dictionary, a file with the extension .custdic
It seems to be a normal textfile which you can open and edit with a text editor like Notepad.
I would close eM Client before you start hacking this file though, and it may be wise to make a copy of the file before you start to edit it.
I could change this file on my system without side-effects, but as this method is not documented by eM Client staff (yet? Anyone reading this?) please proceed at your own risk…

Hope this helps,

Haven’t used this ‘Customer Support’ before, so not sure of the protocols, but thanks very much Herman. Sounds sort of scary though for a novice like me. Other email programs I have used in the past gave you ready access to the dictionary that your ‘added’ words went into, and you could add or delete at any time. Seems a shortcoming of eM Client.

Hello Jan,

For now deleting the words manually is indeed the only option, as nicely described by Herman.