Deleting SENT EMAILS results in deleting all emails in other folders as well !!??

in outlook and other clients if I delete all emails in the “sent folder” it affects only this folders. Why in em client it does affect all emails that i moved from the sent folder to other folders in my archive? I ended up deleting a lot of important stuff.

I also did a test:

  • send an email to address 2, and put address 1 in cc (addres 1 is your address that you use in em client as IMAP account) 
  • as soon as you receive the copy of the email in your inbox (since you are CCed), move the just received email to some folder, let’s say the “contracts” folder.
  • go to sent emails folder and delete the email that you sent to address 2 (and also address 1 in cc)
  • now go back to check “contracts” folder, the email that you put here is gone! it got deleted as well! 

what the hell?? 

can this be fixed?

This is because you are deleting the conversation, not the message.

Disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations, then test again.

no no, the conversations are disabled…

What version of eM Client are you using Ivan?


Not able to reproduce it. Maybe it has something to do with your IMAP server. 

This is what I did on 7.2.40748 with conversations disabled:

  1. Create new message and send it to someone, and add the same address I am sending from as the CC address. Why anyone would want to CC themselves is weird, but anyway.

  2. When message is received in Inbox, move it to another IMAP folder. 

  3. Go to Sent folder and delete the sent message.

  4. Received CC message is still in the other folder.