Deleting only my copy of an incoming email

Can I selectively delete emails? I share an email address. When I’m done with an email, I’d like to delete it. Can I configure eM Client so that when my copy gets deleted the copy  in the other person’s inbox stays put?

Hello Roy, not really sure what you’re referring to, if you send out an email and remove it from your mailbox, the message won’t be deleted in the recipient’s mailbox. Or can you please specify the question more closely?


Sorry I was unclear.  Do you have a “leave a copy on the server?” setting?  I’d like to be able to delete an email after reading it at work but still have it sitting in my inbox at my computer at home.

If you’re using a POP account eM Client should have this option (along with the other server settings) available under Tools > Accounts > Your POP3 account > POP3 (tab). If you’re using an IMAP account note that your items are being synchronised between the client and the server, thus every item you remove in eM Client will be removed from the server as well as the other way around.