Deleting non-synced Contact sub-folders

I inadvertently created a Contact subfolder. The folder did not sync with Google. Normally I would use Google to add, delete and change folders, but in this case it is not possible as it does not appear in Google. When I try to delete it in EM Client I get the following error message: “Deleting the folder failed due to the following error: Specified method is not supported.”. Please advise.

To delete a contact folder you have go to who providing the email … etc. Meaning for example I had the same issue and I’m getting everything from my gmail account … so you go to your gmail account … then go to  contacts … select the folder  … at the top you see a tab called more … select it and drop down select delete group … etc. When you open up em client  … wala  … it syncs … and the folders are gone in em client.

Thanks. I knew about that trick. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t recognize contact subfolders, so they don’t show up there. I’ve talked to EM Client and they are working on a fix that would allow the user to delete the subfolder within the client.