Deleting Mail from Server

Hello, I would like to replace Outlook Express with eM which appears to be vastly superior. With OE I connect to my server; download waiting emails (POP3) - these are then deleted from the Server. Can I achieve this with eM?

Hi Raymond,

Yes, you can use POP3 (or IMAP) to download e-mails from your server.

You can specify IF the e-mail on the server needs to be deleted, and if you indeed want the e-mail to be deleted on the server, you can also specify after how many days it should be deleted.

Hi Raymon, yes you can setup the account as POP3 using the manual setting, by going to Tools > Accounts > New Account > Mail > Other, using your recommended server settings

To delete messages from the server is a default server setting when using the POP3 protocol.

Hope this helps,

How do you get it to not delete off of server

If you’re using a POP3 account, you should be able to setup the server preferences in your account settings, under Tools > Accounts > Your account > POP3, but note that if you’re using other applications with your POP3 account, they might include the same settings, so if one application is setup to use different server settings, issues may arise.


I have no pop3 tab

Correction Your Accounts tab

Maybe I set up my account wrong from looking at other posts but I don’t have those settings and I do have a pop3 server

Hi Steven, if you have an IMAP account setup, eM Client does not delete your emails after X days, this setting is only available for POP3 accounts.

IMAP/AirSync/Exchange accounts keeps your items synchronized with the server and reflect any changes made on any other device, e.g. if you remove a message in eM Client, it will be also removed from the server, note this is the more current option on how to sync your items with the server.