Deleting mail from gmail should first go to trash

When you’re using gmail, and you’re shift+delete an e-mail, it stays in the “all e-mails” folder.
This is because the mail should first be moved to the trash folder, and then deleted.
See this thread:!topic/gmail/r98vWxfBoA0

I am a little confused. What is the problem?

The problem is that if you permanently remove an email from inbox the inbox by using shift+delete, the mail stay in the All Mail folder.
If you would just delete the mail by pressing the delete button alone, it would get moved to the trash folder.
Quote from the link I provided: “If you are deleting mail using Apple Mail, it doesn’t go to Trash. It is simply removed from the Inbox - which means it remains in All Mail. So you can empty Trash as often as you like, and those messages won’t be deleted because you didn’t put them in Trash in the first place.”
My guess is that eM Client does exactly the same as Apple Mail and thus only removes it from the Inbox. 
My guess is that gmail creates a copy of every mail into the All Mail folder and removes the copy when a message gets deleted from the trash folder.
Maybe eM client could move a mail to Trash and then remove it, when the account is a gmail account.

Sorry, I was not able to reproduce this error mentioned in your very first sentence. When I Shift+Delete on an email in a Gmail IMAP account, it bypasses Trash and is completely deleted. 

What version of eM Client are you using?

I’m using 7.1.31849.0.

I just tried it again, after using shift+delete on an email, it does seem to get removed from All Email. But when I login on using a web browser, the mail is still in the All Maill folder.

According to the link, mail should not bypass the trash folder, it should be moved to trash and then deleted.

I just remembered that the All Mail folder in eM Client is not instantly synced with GMail. After the next sync, it will appear there. But of course this is not the behaviour you or I expected. :frowning:

So this is the same behaviour as Apple Mail, the email is simply being removed from the Inbox. To delete it, i.e. put it in Trash, use the Delete key.

The syncing is fine, but it would be nice if eM client would keep in mind if a mail is shift+deleted from a gmail account. In the background eM client could move a to the trash and remove it from there.
A simple IF statement with a little routine.

If you force a sync by closing and reopening eM Client, you will find your missing email in the All Mail folder.

I see. That gives the opportunity to delete it from the All Mail folder.
Still thinking it would be nice if eM client would do this automatically though.

I just forced the sync by re-opening eM client and removed the mails from the All Mail folder. After logging in to, the mails are still there. And after restarting eM client, the mails are also back there.

I found that after Shift+Delete, then deleting them from All Mail in eM Client, they do not reappear in All Mail. I wonder if it might have something to do with Gmail settings. The account I tested it on has Auto-expunge On, in the web interface settings.

I guess the issue was not resolved with Apple Mail either. Shift+Delete is not a listed eM Client shortcut, maybe because it does not work properly. I totally agree with you that it would be nice if it did, especially for users coming from other clients where they previously used it. :slight_smile:

eM client does know to skip the trash folder if shift+delete is used (it shows different messages).
After pressing only delete:
After using shift+delete:
In stead of actually skipping the trash it could just move the email(s) to the trash folder and remove them after that.

Yeah, I found it listed in the Help File. :$ 

Delete moves the file to the Trash, and then Gmail eventually removes it. :slight_smile:

Simply only using delete is an option, but then you would have to manually remove it from trash if you don’t want to wait 30 days for gmail to remove it automatically.

I am not a regular user of Gmail IMAP, and my experience goes only as far as testing with that provider. Testing usually does not have the same complete experience as day-to-day use.

Another option is to have empty trash on exit enabled, so that works to clear them out before the 30 days are up, assuming that you restart eM Client occasionally.