Deleting imap email account?

My earthlink account is em Client is set up as imap.  I need to delete that account in emC as well as from the computer.  Then I can set the account as a POP account.  Please tell me how to delete the one account in the program so that I can then set it up as a POP account.  Also, I don’t see POP in setup - only imap.  Help Please.

If you want to change your account from IMAP to POP3, it is better to add the POP3 account first, then remove the IMAP account.

To setup POP3, go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and add a new account by clicking on the + icon. Then click on Mail > Other.

After entering your email address, choose POP3 and enter your other account information.

Once the account is setup, you will have two sets of folders, one IMAP and one POP3. When eM Client connects to the server as POP3, it will only download messages from the Inbox. The other folders, including the Sent folder, will not be downloaded. So you want to copy or move those message from the IMAP folder to the POP3 folder.

Once everything is copied across, you can remove the IMAP account in Menu > Tools > Accounts, and clicking on the bin icon next to the IMAP account.

Please note that with POP3, if you delete the account from eM Client, you will also delete all the messages. A good practice is to make regular backups using Menu > File > Backup, or setup an automatic backup in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Backup.

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Is it possible, in some way, instead of restoring the complete from a previous backup but just restore one account from within that backup?
Thank you

The backup is a snapshot of how eM Client was at that time it was made. If you restore it, the current database will be deleted and replaced with the one in the backup. But there is a way to retrieve selected data from the backup, if that is what you mean:

  1. Disconnect the computer from the Internet. This is important!

  2. Go to Menu > Settings > General > Backup. Disable Periodic Backup if it is selected and click on OK.

  3. Make a backup using Menu > Backup, so we can come back to the current database later.

  4. Restore the old backup that has the data you want to retrieve.

  5. Export that data you need. You can do that using Menu > File > Export > Export email to eml files. You can select whole directory trees, so it is fairly easy to do.

  6. Restore the backup made in step 3.

  7. Reconnect to the Internet.

  8. Import the data from step 5 using Menu > File > Import > Email (eml).

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Thank you, Gary, that is really helpful.

As a supplementary question, what about if, instead of doing a backup I did an export (I did, rush of blood). Is it possible to extract required mails or folders?

Thank you

If you exported the data, then you can import it without affecting the current data.

All done. There are some mails missing but I can’t get a handle on where they might be.
I don’t think it is very important, it would have been nice to have all of them.

Thanks again, a great help.