Deleting Folders/Subfolders Under Local Folders

Hi, I downloaded & installed eM Client. I have a license & I did not select import from another account. But I folders appearing from my previous e-mail client. I noticed that when I delete folders they appear to be still stored somewhere, which I do not want. In more detail: 1. I delete some folders --> eM Client moves them to the trash folder, as intended 2. I empty the trash folder (using “empty trash”) and the folders disappear from the trash folder. At this stage I expect the data to be actually deleted 3. when I look at my mail account through thunderbird (seamonkey which I have uninstalled, removed all files from this program ), the deleted folders in “trash” are grayed out including the folders that reappear , but they are still there, including the contents. How can I permanently delete messages / folders from the server with eM Client? I am using imap.

Hi Becky, do the deleted folders also have subfolders? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check for the exact version number in Help > About? What mail service vendor are you using with eM Client?

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Hi Paul, Yes the folders do. The version of eM I am using is: 6.0.2 I am using my home service vendor which is a .net

Hi Becky, if the deleted folder contain another subfolders, you have to remove the subfolders one by one as you’re not allowed to trash a folder that has another sub-folder, this is a protocol safety to avoid losing data from the additional subfolders.

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Hi Paul, why don’t you buid in a Pop up which shows the warning that the folder you want to delete has subfolders and ask the user if he really wants to delete this folder inclusive all subfolders? That would save sometimes a lot of time if you have many subfolders to delete, which might not be unusual. Deleting every single subfolder folder by folder may be a time consuming effort. By the way the same problem appears even if you move a folder with many subfolders to another place/account - a local account for example. After copying the complete subfolder structure without problems, the original one is also not deleted, but stays until you delete all single subfolders manually step by step. Especially after having copied the complete structure it is safe and there is no need at all to prevent the old data from being deleted. Think about that please.    

Hello again Carsten, thank you for the suggestion, I’ve added the option to a list of features for consideration in future releases of eM Client, we’ll consider improving the improving the removal of folders with child subfolders immediately using a confirmation option.

Thanks Paul. I would appreciate that, and think some others too. :slight_smile:

Exactly !!!
I ran into the same problem !!!
I did not like. My version of the mailer et Client 6.0.24928.0When you delete a folder with subfolders so there is a problem! It’s not very convenient !!!
This is a simple function - to Outlook it’s easy to delete all folders with all subfolders, regardless of the number of subfolders and number of letters in them. Very uncomfortable. Delete folders with subfolders and it is not removed, but it appears in the basket, and there is now also not be removed !!! What nonsense?
The first set your email program - testing a …
Stepan (Russia, St. Petersburg, [email protected])

Hello Stepan,
sometimes this functionality is blocked by the server itself, and all folders must be deleted from bottom up.
You could also try deleting the folders using shift+Delete.


I had to delete each folder separately … long and uncomfortable. Now I have given in the order of the folder as he wanted, but lost a lot of time. Further. In most settings, mail Gmail, there are a couple of things - it is necessary to try them in the future … maybe these settings in Gmail prevented? I do not understand myself … In connection with the respect Stepan
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I was looking for an affordable replacement for Outlook. Moved to EM CLIENT after the Outlook , I have a free version , the two accounts , one of them a lot of folders and subfolders , with a large number of letters on the IMAP connection. First, like much. But now I notice that there is a synchronization of infinite ! Why?