Deleting emails

With the last upgrade…when I click on a email to delete it…sometimes it deletes immediately and sometimes I have to exit the program before it deletes…

deleting of emails are slow. it would be ok, if program will allow me to do other things like it allows me when i do sending message. but i have to wait for deleting, i dont like that. some modal window and wait. i suggest no modal windows and delete in background

I find that deleting emails happens so quickly that I do not even notice it.

There could be some reasons why you are experiencing it differently.

  1. You are using a mechanical hard disk. It is a common problem for mechanical hard disks to reduce the performance of eM Client, especially the slower RPM versions found on some laptops. Significant increases can be found when using an SSD, not only in eM Client, but system wide.

  2. You have conversation mode enabled. Turning off conversation made can greatly improve performance in eM Client. Recent versions have shown some improvement in the way conversations affect performance, but disabling them may help some.

  3. You have a very slow connection to your IMAP or Exchange account. When you delete an email, it will send the instruction to the server also. Usually this is pretty much instant, but if the connection is bad, that could be a cause.

  4. Your account is not setup correctly. It may be that your account is not using the preferred ports and security policy for your provider. Instead, by using something else it might be working, but not reliably. That could affect the communication between the client and server.

  5. You may also be low on disk space. That could affect many things.

Same problem. I regret paying for this product as it is no longer usable at all…

Other than what I mentioned above,  you can try:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of eM Client available at 

  2. Start eM Client with a blank database. To do that, backup eM Client (Menu > File > Backup) then close eM Client and delete the C:\Users_[username]_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ directory.  After restarting, setup you email account and see if there is any difference. After testing, to go back to your previous database, just restore (Menu > File > Restore).

If those options do not solve your problem, as a Pro License user you should open a support ticket.  eM Client’s dedicated support will be able to assist you further.