Deleting emails in hotmailaccount trash folder on sync it does not put them in recover emails in hotmail

When I delete emails in the trash folder they never apear in hotmail recover deleted items
If I delete them from my iphone i can recover them in hotmail
This seems to have happened in the past month

if you have your account setup as IMAP they will sync and when you delete on one they will sync and delete on the other one.  check you phone and see if it is syncing, if not that maybe why you can see them on the phone and Hotmail.  

Im sorry I dont think I made myself clear
When I delete trash in emclient it deletes in hotmail/outlook delted items file as well
When i look in outlook online they are not in the deleted file but they have not got into the deleted items recover file
When I delete on iphone they delete and are still available in the recover file in hotmail