Deleting emails from server

When I delete an email from within eM Client Ver. 8 the mail remains on the server and now I have to access the server and delete the email again. Why is this? I saw where version 7 had an option to either leave them on the server or not. Is this option hidden somewhere in Version 8? Most frustrating.

Please see my comment on your other post:

I was in my account on the server and noticed I had 100+ emails I had previously deleted from within eM Client ??? This is not a POP3 account but IMAP. So why are they there?

Who is your email provider?

Suddenlink Communications. Only cable internet provider in my neck of the woods.

When I deleted one particular email on the server it was also deleted from within eM Client inbox on my PC ???

Yes, that is correct. That is how IMAP is supposed to work.

Maybe the 100+ messages on the Suddenlink server were not deleted previously because of some error with the IMAP connection.

You can do a test and delete a message in the IMAP Inbox in eM Client, then open the webmail interface for your provider and see if the message has been deleted. If it has not been deleted on the server, in eM Client go to Menu > Operations, and look for any IMAP errors in the Log tab.


Cool, I will test the deletion as you suggest and thank you for the advice.


Things are not looking too good. The following was done from within eM Client on my PC:
Moved one email from the in-box to another folder; message was still in the in-box of the server.
Deleted four emails from the in-box and they remained on the server in-box.

Checked Operations for errors and found none and also checked the Log and found the following: On-line State: Changed to online due to NetworkAvail-
ability. This was at 8:37 am but I have no idea on which date since that piece of information is not available. No date stamp. Also, when I open the Log record, the scroll bar is at the bottom of the page. Does indicate the latest entry? I moved the scroll bar to the top and that is where I found the 8:37am
entry. Ideas?

As this is an IMAP account I would remove it from eM Client, then add it again. See if that changes anything. Before removing the account, make a backup using Menu > Backup.

That is the first line once eM Client starts and connects to the network. It is not an error, just giving the time the application first connected.

Can I remove and re-add IMAP from within eM Client? A bit lost with this suggestion.

Yes, in eM Client go to Menu > Backup.

When the backup is complete go to Menu > Accounts, then click on the Suddenlink account then click on the delete icon.

Once the account is removed add it again by clicking on the Add account icon, then enter your Suddenlink email address in the Automatic Setup.

Thank you, that is the info I needed. BTW, did the backup also get the local folders and where do I find the backup? I do hate bothering you so much but you are my only source of information on eM Client.

Yes, the backup includes local folders.

The location of the backup in Windows is usually C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\eM Client. You can confirm or change that in Menu > Settings > General > Backup.

You are the man, thank you so much for the suggestions and most of all, the help.

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Using your suggestions and advice, I deleted the account in question and re-added same. After one day of checking with both eM Client and the server, messages I delete from within eM are now deleted off the server and when the
Trash is emptied, it too is also deleted from the server. Happy Days!
Thank you again!

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