Deleting emails from inbox

I usually have a dozen or more emails in my inbox that I will delete all at once by holding down the Ctrl key and highlighting each one. Occasionally (often) the program will burp and create duplicates of each marked e-mail, causing me to have to go back and mark each of the duplicates. VERY annoying. Any suggestions?

Just tested, works for me using the toolbar DELETE as well as right-click DELETE.
What version of eMC are you running?

Note: I have encountered, at times, this when moving files from one folder to another, under Windows… in all cases it is an “operator” error/malfunction. Not sure what I did to create the issue, just go about correcting the results and moving on.

It is a Windows copy function: drag and drop while holding the Ctrl button.

You are holding Ctrl and you click a message, but you do not release the mouse button before you start moving the mouse. So it copies when you release the mouse button after moving the mouse.

We have a nifty Select option that may help you with this.


Just click on Select, and you will get a checkbox next to each message. Without using Ctrl, or the keyboard at all, you can select multiple messages.


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my version is 8.2.1659

THANK YOU! Yes, I just checked, and that is my problem. I’ve had mouse button issues for awhile now, and have a new one ordered. I LOVE eM Client, and searched for years before finding one I liked as well as I liked Courier, which started out as Calypso. Calypso sold to Rose City Software, and they maintained and updated it for several years, then stopped. I continued to use it for several years after that, until it got to the point it was crashing all the time with the newest version of Windows. I loved it, best e-mail program I’ve ever had. But I’m really liking eM Client and think it will grow on me as did Courier.

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