Deleting email accounts

I had some problem with one of two email accounts, so I deleted it - all the folders remained. I tried re-installing the account but have the same problem. I deleted and the re-installed eM Client but the problem remains, and all the folders are still there. How can I get back to a clean start?

Hi Brian, not completely sure what you’re referring to as folders, do you mean your IMAP folders? Or are you trying to setup a new database allowing you to setup your account from scratch?

If you’re using an IMAP account, all your items regarding that account are synchronized with the server and back to eM Client. If you’d like to delete a folder that belongs to your account, it will always be resynchronized unless you delete the message from your account.


Hi Paul:  I had a similar question.  I’ve recently reinstalled emC because the database was getting just too big (a different issue) and it re-synched and re-downloaded all the relevant incoming emails and sent emails from my IMAP accounts.  But that caused me to wonder about how synching works: If I delete a message in emClient, does it also delete the message from the IMAP server, or does it stay on the server and will it re-download next time there’s a sync, in about ten minutes?  Can I ever get rid of email from the client, without having to go onto the server to delete it?



Hi Nigel, the behavior of your server and client depends on the protocol you’re using to synchronize your items. If you’re using IMAP, all actions such as moving the item between folders or deleting, composing and sending messages are reflected to the server.

Basically what you see on the server will be visible on your device, after you synchronize all the items.

Removing an email from the client will remove it from the server.

If you’d be using the POP3 protocol, messages would be stored on the server, and downloaded locally to your client, any folder actions or deleted actions won’t be reflected, however as POP3 protocol was designed when mail servers were smaller, the default settings for the account are also to remove messages older than X days, however can be adjusted to your preferences.

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deleted my email account and my inbox folder for the email was deleted also, how do I redeem this old box, I need the old emails that were therein

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to restore these data without an existing backup, if you removed your items from the folder, or removed the whole folder, it is not possible to restore deleted items once the trash is emptied.


Wonder if I remove the email, I lose the Inbox in other managers from emails  when I delete the email, not deleted input box and emails sent are not deleted, so if configurareu the wrong email lose everything in this entry and e-mail box sent?

If I knew what worked well did not indicate to a customer, in Brazil, this solution would be to Microsoft’s solution, an undeniable failure

Hello again, I’m not quite sure if I understand. Using IMAP if you remove a message from your inbox on any of your device it will be removed from the inbox on all other devices as well, but should be automatically moved to the “Trash” folder unless you’re removing using Shift+Delete in eM Client for example.

If your folders are not in sync and you’re using IMAP on all your devices, please let me know what mail service and version of eM Client you’re currently using on your computer (help > about).

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I’m using pop3 and smtp, deleted my email, and the mailbox has been deleted too, this can not happen in Outlook, if I delete the email, your inbox remains, I was very sad to disappear all my emails, box entry, sent items, all

By removing messages you are not removing the Inbox, that is not an existing feature of the application, maybe you had your focus set on the Inbox rather than the list of mails and accidentally performed the removal action on your folder. If you’re using a POP3 account, it is unfortunately not possible to restore your data as they are not synchronised with the server. It is however recommended to keep a backup of your data when using POP3 accounts.

If you have an existing backup of your data, you should be able to restore from File > Restore. If not, your data may have been completely removed. But if you have the items available on the server, you should be able to re-setup the account to fetch what’s available on the server again.

Using IMAP, you wouldn’t be allowed to remove the Inbox folder either as it is a remote folder on your mail server.


The case that deleted the email and was lost everything, only deleted the email, the parent folder that this email was automatically excluded, application error, but already lost and has no way to recover

I’m really sorry for this inconvenience, but I don’t believe this is due to an application issue. If you’re able to replicate the behaviour, please let me know. In case this ever happens again, please make sure to keep a backup of your data if you want to keep using the POP3 account.

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