Deleting Completed Tasks

I’m finding I can hide completed tasks, but marking a task complete doesn’t delete it. Is there a way for the software to auto-delete completed tasks (I don’t wish to do it manually and don’t want them to pile up).
Thank you,
Al F

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to auto-delete the task after it’s finished, Tasks are synchronized with the server and after marking it as done, it is synchronized over CalDAV (or GData if you’re using Gmail), these services keep old data, unless you delete it manually.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul. I’m going to offer the suggestion that such a feature may be incorporated into the software in the future. I most definitely would have it set to auto-delete completed tasks. Others may differ, but I see absolutely no reason to keep them around.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll mark the topic as a feature request so other users can show their support for the feature.
We’ll consider adding the feature into future releases.


Please add this feature