deleting attachment

It would be very helpfull, if its possible to delete attchments after saving. This saves disk space and reduces time, needed to backup the em-folder. In my case, its about 5 GB.

I am also afraid the data files and backup is going to soon grow oversize.
If I cannot delete attachments, I’ll have to revert to Outlook.
The option to delete attachments should be a feature every mail client (professional or not) should have.

yes please - that’s a must - why having attachments saved on your HDD and in an email

any progress or feedback on this request ?

This was already implemented and is functional in 6th beta, so it will be included on it’s release.


alright. thank you for your reply.

you are welcome

it might be very helpful, when by deleting an attachement, a short comment would show in the mail
like “Deleted: Filename” or “Extracted: Filename”

This would help remind me what was attached in the email after I’ve done my housekeeping.