I am a new (<30 day) eM Client user (from Windows Live Mail and Outlook) and am using Version 7.0.27943.0.

 My son set my account up initially using the auto set up feature. The result was a livemail (SMTP/IMAP) account. Unfortunately, from the outset, I have received numerous error messages and have had (painfully slow) syncing problems – sorry I can’t recall the exact message, but the most prevalent was one saying I wasn’t connected to the server. I then would run diagnostics and ultimately get an email saying something to the effect of being reconnected, I believe.

 After some research, I discovered that Microsoft has migrated my Outlook account, which I believe means that my livemail account should have originally been set up as an Exchange account. I followed some instructions to start anew and set up the livemail account again, this time as an Exchange account. I currently now have 3 accounts: the initial SMTP/IMAP livemail account, a gmail one (basically for quicker access to my google calendar since my gmail emails are auto forwarded to my livemail email account), and now the new Exchange livemail account.

 I would like to delete the original (SMTP/IMAP) account my son set up, but am not sure IF: 1 ) doing so would harm/delete the emails and/or folders in my new (i.e., Exchange) livemail account in any way, etc., and 2) if this means I will lose access to some eM Client features? BTW, the slow syncing problem has improved, but is still not error/problem free… but perhaps this is because the SMTP/IMAP account is still here??

 Also, if it’s pertinent, I have not yet created any local folders. If that speeds up the syncing and I don’t lose any eM Client features— great (but for the time being, as a newbie, I wanted to simplify the number of potential variables that might be the source of the problems I’ve had and thought it best to hold off on doing so). THANK YOU for any assistance you might provide re: this/these issue(s).


if you need to remove IMAP/SMTP account you will still have emails on server.
Before doing that we recommend to make backup by opening “Menu”>File>Backup…
Also, do you need emails from that account you want to delete?
I can help you to move them to some mailbox you want to preserve those emails.

Best Regards

Thank you, Anthony.  I have now completed a backup and rec’d confirmation of it.  
re: your question-- “do you need emails from that account you want to delete?”

Because the account I want to delete (let’s call it  “account a”) is a duplicate of the one I want to keep (“account b”), I don’t believe there are any emails in “a” that I need to preserve. By “duplicate” I mean same email address, same folders, same emails.   As noted in my initial inquiry, a big concern of mine is if in deleting “account a”, I end up losing emails, folders, etc. in “b”.  So if what you’re telling me is that that’s not a risk, then I don’t need to preserve any stuff from “a”.   

A second concern noted in my initial inquiry is whether in giving up the IMAP/SMTP account, I will lose some functionality or features (for instance-- the way folders work, whether there are eM Client features that will work on IMAP/SMTP, but not Exchange, etc.).  Can you also tell me whether this is the case and, if so, what functionality/features I will lose?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

You are very welcome.

Your folders are synced from server so I don’t expect any changes in features etc.
Our client should download them from server and functionality of folders will be preserved.
Basically all information/features/functionality should be the same as it is.

Kind regards