Deleteing Online Meetings

A couple of questions:

A. If I have created an online meeting and need to cancel the meeting and send all the recipients an email telling them meeting is cancelled? How do I do this? Do I simply change the recurrence to “None”. I am assuming this only stops the recurrence and not the first meeting. And will participants all be informed about the cancellation?

I cannot see anyway of cancelling a planned Teams or Zoom meeting for sure. Had a couple of cases this week where I had to write everyone (12 people) a separate email telling them the meeting was cancelled.

If I change the meeting time and save, I am asked if I want to send an update email to my recipients. If I reply “yes” they seem to never get an email with the new time.

B. My calendar is managed in a google calendar. This is fine. But when I want to create an online meeting it defaults to my gmail address as being the meeting organizer. I actually want one of my business accounts to be the sender and to receive confirmation email back from the invited participants. Also, I do not want my participants to see my gmail address as the “sender” of the meeting request. Can I change this somehow? Is this a setting in my gmail account? Or is there a way to change this is EMc?

I am sorry for so many questions… I am trying to set up a good work flow using eMc.


I’ll try to answer the A. part of your questions.
When you delete an invitation you’ll be asked if you’d like to send a cancellation to attendees. If you do so a cancellation email will be sent automatically to all of them.

And when you delete a recurrent event you’ll be asked if you’d like to delete one event or all the recurrences of this event (this and future). All participants are also informed about the cancellation.

Personally I use both Teams and Zoom and reach regularly groups of over 20 people. It happens from time to time that an attendee or two claim that they did not receive the modification or the cancellation but both platforms are usually reliable in that matter.

I suggest you do some testing and invite yourself (if you have two or more emails) and see what you get when you modify or cancel a meeting.

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Well I’ll be a… Thank you. I have tried it now and it seems to work. Excellent. This is one big hurdle resolved.

I tried this before and it did not send the cancellations. I will try to track where and when it happens…

Thanks and have a great week-end!

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You’re most welcome!
As for your question B. I suggest you post it in a different thread.