Deleted my contacts by mistake, can I get them back?

I had a problem with eM Client not sending out my emails. So I deleted it from my windows 10 laptop, restarted the laptop and reinstalled eM Client. It worked! Now it sends my emails.

But, there was an option that said something like, “do you want to delete database?”, and I said, "Yes’. Wrong answer!

Now all of my contacts are gone! hundreds and hundreds of them.

Is there anyway to get them back?



First make sure you installed the (same version of eM Client) that you had previously. You can get all versions via the following page for Windows and Mac

Next if you did any manual or periodic automatic backups of eM Client and have Windows, look in your “C:\Users\users\Documents\EM Client” folder and you will see backup files like eg: which you can restore via “Menu / File / Restore” in eM Client.

Or if you have done an entire (Image of your computer), look for any eM Client files in the Image Documents / eM Client folder. However if you dont have any eM Client backup .zip files in your Image, open the (Image) hidden folder C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client and copy the entire contents to a temporary location. Then make a backup of your current eM Client via “Menu / Backup” incase you need to restore. Backups via eM Client are the best way to restore if needed.

Next close eM Client and delete everything in your current eM Client roaming hidden folder (as above) and replace it with your eM Client Image hidden folder you copied to a temporary location. Then reopen eM Client and you should have all your mail data & contacts back as it was.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I now see the backup option in settings inside eM Client. I did not see it before and it says it never made a backup.
I do do a backup of the whole laptop every few months. So, I think I have to go that route.

Any other tips before I go that route?

Thanks, Peter

Ok with no eM Client files, just copy that eM Client roaming hidden folder contents and replace your current eM Client roaming hidden folder and you should be fine.

Note:- As above make sure you have install the correct version of eM Client before replacing the roaming hidden folder or you might get errors when opening eM Client.

I have had my backup disk mailed to me from my winter address in Florida and I am in the process of restoring my contacts in my eM client folder.

Now, how do I find out what version of eM client I was running back in February of 2021? If it is not the same as the version I am running today, 8.2.1237, I assume I have to request a download of the older version from the eM client company and Install that version on my pc, so it is compatible with my backup data. Right?
so how do I find our what version I was running in February 8, 2021?

You can get all versions of eM Client to for PC and Mac from the ver history page.

I don’t know how to find out the version you had, but someone on the forum hopefully will.

No. The same or newer version will be fine.