Deleted Items In Outlook Stay in eM Client

I’ve seen similar posts, but they’re all fairly old - so maybe mine is a new/unique concern.

Lately I’ve discovered that my eM client is not staying synced with my Outlook.

(Forgive me if I’m short on technical details on my mail server - my corporate help desk is 12 time zones away).

If I delete an item in Microsoft (Outlook for Android, the bare-bones Mail for Windows 10, or OWA), it stays in my eM Client Inbox. Likewise, if I accept an invitation in any of those Microsoft applications, the “New” invite stays in my eM Client Inbox.

This is happening on several networks (home WiFi, work WiFi, American Airlines WiFi).

I first noticed this about a week ago. I’m fairly confident it had been syncing properly before then.

From what I can tell, it’s sporadic. I only notice this about once or twice a day - now, whether that means it’s *working* properly the rest of the time, or I just don’t notice - that’s anybody’s guess.

Using eM Client 7.2.36908.0. Windows Mail 16005.12228.20410.0. I don’t know that OWA has “versions” per se.

Any suggestions would be cool. Thanks!

There is an issue with syncing deleted items on some servers. I saw in one internal build that this has been fixed and so should be in the next release. Keep an eye on the Release History.

If you require more information or assistance, please open a support ticket directly with eM Client.

Thanks for the update, Gary. Interesting that I just recently noticed this, and not immediately when the last update went in. Fingers crossed!

They are falling farther out of sync. I have to delete things repeatedly to get them out of my Inbox. Sometimes the only way for it to delete is to shut down eMClient, launch OWA, delete, sync, launch eMClient, sync that, and hope for the best.