deleted folders still there somewhere


during my trials with eM Client I noticed that when I delete folders they appear to be still stored somewhere, which I do not want. In more detail:

  1. I delete some folders --> eM Client moves them to the trash folder, as intended
  2. I empty the trash folder (using “empty trash”) and the folders disappear from the trash folder.
        At this stage I expect the data to be actually deleted
  3. when I look at my mail account through thunderbird, the deleted folders in “trash” are grayed out, but they are still there, including the contents.

How can I permanently delete messages / folders from the server with eM Client?

I am using imap.

kind regards

Hi Bon, what mail service are you using? Do these folders contain other subfolders by any chance?
When you try to remove a folder that contains a subfolder, it can not be removed, but instead the last subfolder has to be removed first and then the trash has to be emptied.

Hope this helps,