Deleted folder in Trash constantly re-appears

I have ‘ghosted’ folders in my Trash folder which have been deleted several times, but they keep re-appearing back in the Trash folder and I can’t permanently delete them. Any clues to resolve this would be greatly appreciated please.
Many thanks!

I had a similar situation on one test server. Emptying the Trash would remove all the messages but leave the empty folders behind. I never saw it again except on that one test.

You could try deleting them through the web interface for your account.

Will give that a go thanks!

I have the same problem. I deleted the folders from my email provider’s web interface. I have deleted the folders in emClient from the bottom up. I have used Shift-Delete. They have reappeared every time, and sometimes I get multiple copies of the ghost folders. It doesn’t interfere with my use of the program but it’s annoying and unesthetic.

Maybe there is some corruption in the message cache. Backup eM Client (Menu > File > Backup) then remove that email account in Menu > Tools > Accounts. Then add it again. After resyncing with the server, see if there is any difference.

Been there, done that, didn’t help.  LOL, this is like a huge mystery for a lot (a whole lot) of people.  I sure wish we could find an answer.  In my attempts to give rid of these rascals (which they appear NOT to like, I now how almost a dozen folders that insist on staying.

If removing ad re-adding the account gives the same result, then the folders are still on the server. Contact your provider to sort it out.