Deleted emails *sometimes* not going to Trash

I use eM Client on both Mac and PC, currently using v9. I’ve noticed that there are some emails that when deleted do not go to Trash – they seem to be completely gone, never to return!
I leverage both Gmail and a few IMAP accounts via a Helm email server. I’ve used this device for about 9 months with no issues, I have folders mapped correctly, etc.

I’ve noticed this behaviour sometimes when deleting from an Inbox or a Junk folder. And sometimes it works correctly, moving the message to the Trash – and sometimes it just deletes it outright. This behaviour occurs on both the Mac and PC versions.

As a test (on my Mac) I’ve also run MailMate concurrently. When I received a particular bit of junk mail (in this case, from Lands End), I deleted it with MailMate, and it correctly moved the message to the Trash folder. I verified that it was in Trash in eM Client. Then, using MailMate, I returned the item back to the Junk folder – and again verified in eM Client that it was back in Junk. Then in eM Client, I deleted it from Junk – which it did immediately and did not move the item to the Trash (which I also verified when viewing the Trash folder in MailMate). Then I tried all this again with a different email, and it moved to Trash properly with both mail clients. And then two messages later it failed to move a message to Trash.

I’m at a bit of a loss… if I had a General setting incorrect, or my IMAP folders mapped incorrectly it shouldn’t ever work properly… but instead it does sometimes! I know that it’s not a great idea to rely on Trash as a “holding area” but one of the reasons I noticed this is because I deleted a message by mistake and realized I couldn’t get it back – Trash is there as a “safety net” for this sort of case, but something has let me down.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

If you delete a message in Junk, it is permanently deleted and not moved to Trash. That is by design.

Can you disable this other app, and see if you get the same issue when deleting messages in your Inbox.

Also, be aware that Shift + Delete, is a permanent Delete, so make sure you have not accidentally used that combination.

Thanks for the response. I’m definitely not doing shift + delete regardless of Inbox vs Junk.

I have to admit I disagree with the design decision you made to permanently delete from Junk… as I said, there are cases when pruning through the Junk folder I inadvertently deleted something I shouldn’t have – usually when it was mis-identified as Junk and I wasn’t paying enough attention. If that’s the way the application will continue to operate then I’ll do all my Junk mail review / pruning via MailMate, as it operates as most users expect – leveraging Trash.