Deleted emails go missing

I’m trying to chase down a problem where deleted emails don’t end up in the Trash folder. When I delete an email from my Inbox, they DO GO to the Trash folder. But, I have a rule to screen out junk emails and those I catch are sent to my “Junk E-mail” folder so that I can take a look at them to be sure they are really junk. When I decide they are really not wanted, I delete them, but they don’t go in the Trash folder. They disappear! Shouldn’t they end up in the Trash folder, too?

When you delete a message in Junk E-mail, it is irreversibly deleted. It does not go to Trash.

OK. That’s good to know. From what you said, I understand that to be specific to the Junk E-Mail folder.
Based on that, I could create my own folder to hold these temporary junk emails and that should not happen. Right?

Deleting from Junk, and deleting from Trash, have the same result. The messages just disappear.

With any other folder, deleting a message results in it going to Trash.

Moving a message from Junk or Trash to another folder will result in it being treated like any other regular message. It will remain where you moved it until you delete it.

Perfect. Understanding that, I can begin to corral these emails.
Thanks, Gary