Deleted attachments

So I receive an eMclient eMail with an attachment. When I reply to the email the attachment is deleted. Why? How do I recover it?


It is standard practice to not include the attachments in the reply. If you want to include it, you need to forward the message rather than reply to it.

But if you are referring to the original message you received, the attachment is still there. Just look at the one you received, rather than your reply to that message.

Thanks Gary for your response.
What appears to happen is when I reply the original message becomes part of the response as a string minus the attachment. Any ideas what is happening?

Yes, that is standard practice to quote their text in your reply. If you don’t want that, you can change it in Menu > Settings > Mail > Replies and Forwards.

The original message is still in your Inbox though. Unchanged.

Thanks Gary,
I followed your instructions ticked the checkbox and that resolved the issue. I now have the attachment again. However, I notice the original message remains part of the string and not as a separate document. The main thing was to recover the attachment, Thanks again for your help.

It is a separate email, but is displayed above the reply as you are using Conversations.

If you don’t want to use Conversations, disable them by using Menu > View > Conversation > DIsable Conversations.

Brilliant all sorted now. Thanks Gary.