Deleted account, all mails gone. Can they be retrieved back?

I deleted an account in the tree index of emclient. That doesn’t mean all mails should be deleted as well, but they are. Can they be restored?

Hi Frank, if you’ve deleted your account from the application all messages for that account have been deleted from eM client, if you’re using an IMAP account, you should be able to setup the account again and all your data should be automatically synchronized with your client again.
But if you were using local data with a POP3 account, unfortunately it’s not possible to restore these messages.

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Would a windows 8 system restore help to get it back?

Hi Frank,

All data of eM Client is stored under a directory which can be specified in:

tools > settings > general > storage

screen shot:

If you have made a backup of that directory (or if you have made a backup using the ‘backup’ function inside of eM Client), then you might still be able to recover your lost e-mails.

BUT: before you do anything with this data directory, make sure to make a backup of this directory first!!! (with eM Client closed)

You can just copy this directory to another directory.

A system recovery did not do the trick.

Hi Frank, I’m not completely sure what the issue is here, did you follow Hans’ instructions in how to correctly backup your eM Client database?

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I can’t make a backup of an account that isn’t actual there, now can I? I explained in the opening topic what actions were taken and what the question was.

Yes, just as I noted previously you can not restore the data back to eM Client, it is not supported. Once the account is deleted eM Client’s database will be cleared of this old data.

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