Delete unwanted email addresses suggestions

So it looks like this will be all or nothing? There will not be a way to delete individual suggestions? For example, I have someone whom I have been corresponding with for a decade, but she changed her address two years ago. I do not want to go back and delete all of the sent emails to the old address (because I want to keep them). If that is the case, then I’ll just learn to live with it, because I do like this feature.

I am not a programmer, so I don’t know how hard this would be. But it would be nice if the program would extract those email addresses into a list that you could then edit.

Just adding our voice to the request to be able to delete old email addresses from the contact database.
It’s very frustrating, and has caused many issues for us.
Please address (intentional pun) this issue as soon as possible, as we have many users who are complaining about this massive problem.

You have options:

  1. If the address is in a contact, edit the contact and delete the address.

  2. If the address is in the Recipients History, remove it by editing the Recipients History.

  3. If the address is in a previous sent message, you can disable suggestions from sent messages, or delete the sent message.

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But still - as I understand it, there is no easy option to just delete the cache(s) for all suggestions/recipients. As you can see, this is a growing headache for many, and does nothing to address the issue: User confusion around this convoluted feature (read “bug.”)

There is. Just click on the option above next to my indicator (2). So Clear Recipients History.

That is the only cached data.

The rest is either in a Contact, or in a Sent message. It is not cached data. If you want to remove those from being suggested, you will either need to remove the contact’s address, or untick the option indicated above as (3) to remove suggestions from previously sent messages.

@Gary - that is what I have tried, and as I have stated before, it did not work for me: I still get multiple suggestions for contacts that are no longer present.

So, even removing the Contact does not fix the problem, sorry…

And I do wish to keep suggestions from previously sent messages - as long as the address is correct.