Delete from Junk E-Mail now moves item to Inbox

I don’t know what eM Client v7 build this was recently introduced in but now when I delete an item from a Gmail account Junk E-Mail folder the email is moved into the inbox of the account.

Which leads me AGAIN onto the appalling “release notes” for builds. From - 26526 just shows the list of improvements that eM client 7 had (copied from the original v7 release) and build 26557 shows exactly the same list.

please download the latest build and check if the issue still continues.
If it does, please set up IMAP logs in Tools>Settings>Advanced and restart eM Client.
Replicate the issue and then send the long from Advanced settings to with a link to this forum thread.


Hi Olivia,

I sent the log file over to you.

Best Regards

What’s the status? I’m having the same problem…

I have heard nothing since I sent the log file over. In the meantime they continue to release new builds with no change log between builds. It’s infuriating.

That’s too bad :frowning:
Let’s hope for a quick reply and solution!

I’ve been in contact with eM Client support this afternoon and you’ll be pleased to know that they have finally replicated the issue and “hopefully the fix will be in one of the next updates”.

However, it’s unlikely we’ll know exactly what build fixes it as they don’t issue change logs :frowning:

Thanks for the reply orientfan, but very weird they post change logs with no updates…
Hopefully an eM Client representative will clear that issue up as well, because otherwise they might as well don’t post change logs anymore…

Anyone know if this is fixed? I too find this a frustrating bug.

Nope, bug is still present and, yet again, the deafening silence from eM Client staff. Non-existent change logs too.

I’m seriously thinking of buying eM Client, but if this is how they treat there (future) customers I think I’ll pass…

I did buy EM about 1 month ago as I like their product better than Outlook.  However, it is NOT worth paying for.  I had hope that being a paid customer would help.  It does NOT.  I have two support tickets in with them for weeks.  They are great about getting back to you asap to ask you more questions and then they disappear.  I’ve had to go to this forum to resolve my issues.  Including this same one on junk mail moving to the inbox.  I guess my donation to EM will help support their future growth as I want to them to dominate Outlook.

I’m having same issue: I clean out (delete) emails from my gmail Junk folder and EM moves the junk to my gmail Inbox. Frustrating as there’s so much Junk mail!

Same problem with latest download today, 8/19/16.

I clean out (delete) emails from my gmail Junk folder and EM moves the junk to my gmail Inbox.

I haven’t seen that with my eM Client setup but I do something different. With the Gmail account, which is all online and not downloaded locally (that I know of), I use Shift+Delete with junk mail so that it is instantly permanently deleted. I wonder if that would help.

Ok, thank you for your reply Richard. Like you I like to contribute, but the two account limit is sufficient for me. And since the support doesn’t get any better for paid customers like you say. I don’t see a reason to ‘upgrade’ right now.

Thanks Mike, I’ll try that! Gmail is typically configured with IMAP and that doesn’t download e-mails to your hard drive. The old standard POP3 did this.

Another work around is to go to gmail in your browser and delete your spam from there.  Depending on how much junk mail you have, after a few minutes you won’t have to worry about it getting into EM.  Tech Support:  Still looking for a fix or even an acknowledgement.

Same here - items show in Inbox after deletion from Junk E-mail folder.
A month has passed since orientfan advised that product support said that a fix would be in next version!  C’mon support - lack of communication about issues really isn’t the best approach here…

I’ve been having the same issue as well. If I delete an email from my Junk Mail folder that was from my GMail account, it ends up in my Inbox. I’ve filed a support ticket with eM Client and was told they are looking into it. That was back on August 10.

For those that have posted in this thread, please make sure to select the “Me Too” button at the top so eM Client can see that this issue is affecting more than just 3 people.

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