Delete folder

I accidentaly deleted a folder when I was trying to move an email to a folder. Now, I find the emails I had in this folder, but not the folder. Can I undo the delete action. Where are the emails I had in the deleted folder?
Thank you


Hello Daniel,
the folder and the messages should be in your Trash folder.


I did the same thing, but neither the folder nor its contents are in the trash or anywhere else that I can locate. This is now the SECOND folder I’ve done this to and it’s very, very disheartening (I’ve only been using EM Client for a couple weeks). … and I even have it set up with the “Ask to confirm before deleting folder”,  but I just automatically pushed Enter both times.

I wish that EM Client were laid out differently: Specifically, I wish it would not highlight a folder with the same ease that it would highlight messages. In order to delete a folder, EM Client should require the user to right click that folder and chose from a drop-down menu that allows him to choose the option that he wants to delete that folder (that way it CANNOT happen in a moment). I’m sure I’m not the only person this has happened to, so please, please make these changes. I’ve lost two important folders now!

Other problem,I have add other account email, I remove old account and accidently remove the folder old account with all the tree folder. How can we restore it because I need the inbox at the old account.

Thank and regards,